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Just because you’re a water district doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice looking website.

The problem with most water district websites, as with most City and Government websites is that they aren’t updated often so they become outdated and quite frankly, look rather boring compared to the standards of today’s modern websites.

There’s so much more to a website then just text on a screen. You have the ability to connect with the people in your city through informational pages regarding water conservation, water quality reports, provide contact information for services and more. You can offer the ability to allow people to pay their water bill online or notify people of any emergency services for example if a water line bursts or any outages there may be.

Consequently, not having an updated website doesn’t just affect the look at feel of the website; it can give the impression that other city services are old or outdated along with having an impact on the code and security behind the scenes that makes the website run smoothly.

Technology and web design moves at leaps and bounds and if you don’t put forth a conscious effort to stay ahead or at least keep up with it, your website might suffer through the lack of visitors or worse yet, end up compromising any confidential or personal information from your city constituents.

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Below is a sample of some of the water district websites we have had the privilege of designing. Take a moment to visit them and see the different styles and features that we offer. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a web design consultation for your water district or City Government website please feel free to call us or complete our online contact form. We are looking forward to speaking with you!

A Sample of Water District Websites we've Designed

Below is a small sampling of web designs that we have created for Water Districts throughout Southern California. Request a Quote today to see what CCS Interactive can do for you!

Crescenta Valley Water District
Description: Crescenta felt the time was right for a more modern look and added functionality to better assist their residents.
Website: www.cvwd.com

Pico Water District
Description: Wanted an updated, more modern design.
Website: www.picowaterdistrict.net

Rubio Canon Land & Water Association
Description: Rubio Canon felt the time was right for a more modern look and added functionality to better assist their residents.
Website: www.rclwa.org

La Puente Valley County Water District
Description: Wanted a new design and to have full control over their website to post content, photos and pdfs.
Website: www.lapuentewater.com

Orchard Dale Water District
Description: Wanted a new design and an emergency alert notification system on the website to notify residents of street closures due to water maintenance.
Website: www.odwd.org

Three Valleys Municipal Water District
Description: Was outdated and needed a more modern design and new content pages.
Website: www.threevalleys.com

Foothill Municipal Water District
Description: Needed an update on design and easily accessible required documents to meet state regulations.
Website: www.fmwd.org

Georgetown Divide Public Utility District
Description: New department management wanted to update the look, feel and functionality of their old outdated website.
Website: www.gd-pud.org