Case Studies

It's one thing to look at the end result and see an attractive website but to understand what all was involved in bringing it to life, well that’s something different. At CCS Interactive, we enjoy a good challenge. Being able to listen to what a client wants and then deliver it, often times surpassing their own expectations of what they wanted is what we live for. Below are a few case study examples of clients that came to us with a need and how we were able to bring their vision to life.

City of Upland
Client: City of Upland, CA. (
Services Provided:

  • Website Redesign and Development

Brief Description of Project: We initially built the City of Uplands website in 2006 and have enjoyed a long standing relationship ever since. Over time, the city has needed new features added but most recently releazied it was time for a full redesign. We worked within the City of Uplands budget to update their outdated technology and help determine the new vision for their website.

Results: When working on the website redesign for the City of Upland, the first step was to meet with key personnel from each department to find out what the public needed from them the most. After evaluating all the data from each department, framework for the site was created so that it can be adjusted or expanded as changes in the city occur. We were able to significantly reduce the number of pages within individual departments by consolidating information and removing redundancies. We also reimagined the Home Page to have important announcements and commonly accessed links in a clear and uncluttered layout, and created a “How Do I” feature that the site administrators could control to link more intuitive questions and topics with the relevant sections of the site. Since multiple employees are responsible for content creation we added a content approval process to enable department managers the ability to approve content before it goes live.

Inland Empire Driveline Services
Client: Inland Empire Driveline Services (
Services Provided:

  • Website Redesign & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • E-Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Social Media Branding

Brief Description of Project: We established our relationship with Inland Empire Driveline in 2009. Eventually overtime, Inland Empire Driveline needed a redesign to freshen up the look and usability of their site.

Results: As they have been clients of ours for many years they trusted us with full design control because we understand what their visitors like and the way they use their website. In 2016 we fully remodeled both the front-end design and back-end usability to meet the current search engine standards, security and user functionality. We greatly improved the usability of their shopping cart and updated their SEO and Social Media to reflect the new changes. As a result, IEDLS has seen an increase in product sales and many compliments from their visitors on the new look and ease of use.

Orchard Dale Water District
Client: Orchard Dale Water District (
Services Provided:

  • Website Redesign & Development
  • Content Development
  • Print Services for Government Regulated Water Reports
  • Logo & Branding
  • Artwork for Children's Educational Materials

Brief Description of Project: As a client of ours since 2007, we’ve created their initial website, logo and branding standards but it was time for a change to fall in line with current website designs, and technology. Additionally, due to the current drought in California, Orchard Dale needed to improve the way they were able to help educate the public on water conservation.

Results: In 2014 we updated their website with a new look to convey a crisp, sophisticated & clean modern design to reflect the current online trends. The new layout offers a more refined look while providing much easier navigation and presenting information in a way more readily accessible to the public. Keeping with the public’s interest, an alert feature was added which informs site visitors of water emergencies in their area, we assisted with the development and custom printing of their yearly water quality reports and we created a children’s coloring book to help with Orchard Dales water awareness campaigns.

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
Client: Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (
Services Provided:

  • Website Redesign & Development
  • Content Migration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Branding and Training

Brief Description of Project: PVHMC has been a client of ours since 1999. As such, their website has undergone multiple visual and directional changes many times but with so much information, it was getting too convoluted and lost touch with the message and services they wanted to provide to the residents of their city. It was time to reorganize, and streamline the website.

Results: The current PVHMC website enjoys a modern streamlined design, being both visually appealing and informative. With the addition of an improved search feature, “quick links” and a more efficient navigation; along with removing hundreds of unnecessary pages from the website while merging the content where appropriate, we have been able to reduce the number of clicks by visitors making it faster and much easier for people to get the information that they need. Along with a more modern look, we added the ability to view the website on multiple devices, made it easier for hospital employees to upload videos to the site, added shopping cart feature to buy gifts from the gift shop online, and created an overall cohesive look and feel between the hospital their Centers of Excellence and the hospital Foundation; which now has the ability to accept donations. All of these improvements have led to much better user experience and an increase in monthly visits as well as improving their search engine positions.

Inland Paper Company
Client: Inland Paper Company (
Services Provided:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Branding and Training
  • Product Photography

Brief Description of Project: Inland Paper Company (IPC) came to us with an extremely outdated and visually unappealing website. They wanted to have a more modern, fresh look and feel as well as the ability to easily update the content themselves. In addition to a new design, they wanted to know how they could take advantage of social media to boost sales and increase brand visibility.

Results: Meeting with IPC allowed us to understand the skill level of the employees who would be responsible for page updates as well as what was needed to improve the site. Based on that information, we customized our Content Management System to their needs. A complete audit of the website led to a full navigational change and visual layout. Additionally we discovered there were many products and services IPC offered that the original website failed to showcase. By offering our photography services they are now able to showcase the variety of products and services they offer. When it came time for social media, we met with multiple employees and the owners to get a feel for the overall company atmosphere and discovered that while always professional, they are a very fun and entertaining group. They even have an off-road race team. We felt showing off that side of the company would work best for their social media presence and they agreed. Their social media is now filled with fun information about the company’s products, services, and showcases the fun side of IPC.